“He who does not know food, how can he understand the disease of man?”

Food is not simply energy, it can be nutrition and even medicinal if you make the right choices. This is a concept that has been largely disregarded by modern society and replaced with convenience, energy dense junk food and lab created chemical pills to remedy the side effects of our diet and lifestyle. In reality, food is the safest, cheapest and easiest way to contribute to the wellness of your body yet only 3% of doctors visits are spent discussing nutrition.

The power of food and the effect it can have on our bodies, mind, the environment and other living creatures has been something I have been interested in for the last few years and throughout this time I have found new ways of creating delicious meals that taste amazing and make me feel great. This is the crux of this blog, a dive into the most nutrient dense superfoods the earth has to offer and how you can incorporate them into deliciously simple recipes you can enjoy daily.

I am 21 years old, have been vegetarian from the age of 17 and vegan from the age of 18. My interest in health and fitness stems from contracting glandular fever which led me to being hospitalized in the week of my A level exams when I was 17. Unfortunately, my body was not able to combat the virus quickly and I spent the following year bed-ridden and struggling with chronic fatigue, low platelet count, liver problems and other complications. This period in my life made me realise that health was something never to take for granted and so I began looking at methods to speed up my recovery in a natural and holistic way so I could get back to living my life again. When I was well enough I took the step to move to London and got the opportunity to work for some great vegan health companies and meet lots of people with an interest in health and ethical veganism.

I am currently working as a London based fashion model and spend my free time learning about plant-based nutrition, finding new & natural vegan beauty products, food companies and writing about my discoveries on Superfood Scrumptious. I also get the opportunity to work with a range of companies to develop recipes, set up blogs and assist in developing great new products.

I hope to see you back here soon for posts on all things superfoods, recipes, natural beauty and health.

Nancy x