Fait Maison Salon de Thé

When I say this was one of the best lunches I have ever had, I do not make the claim lightly. Everything about Fait Maison is perfection, from the gorgeous decor, to the delightful staff and of course the delicious food.

Upon arrival I was shown to my gorgeous table, by the window, already set with pastries, strawberries, tea and chocolate to nibble on whilst I waited for my parents to arrive. The menu at Fait Maison is absolutely huge; their menu is split between classic cafe/ restaurant dishes and middle eastern inspired food. Whatever you fancy, they really do have it here. An extensive breakfast menu, A la carte menu, afternoon tea, speciality teas and coffee, beautifully prepared cakes and pastries…literally anything you could possibly want.

My favourite thing to do when I visit any restaurant or cafe for my blog is to just ask the server what they would recommend. In this case we ordered straight from the wonderful head chef, she talked about her favourite dishes and prepared an array of her favourites for us to try. I won’t go through every single one as we will be here a while but my Dad polished off the Lamb Hamsa and said it was one of the best lamb dishes he had ever had. The greek salad was fresh and delicious, falafels were perfection and the Labneh (lightly soured, salted strained yoghurt served with sesame bread and topped with za’atar, extra virgin olive oil and cucumber) was unreal!

You can see from all the pics how much delicious food we got to try and how beautiful it all looked. For dessert we had a full on afternoon tea between us! All of the pastries and cakes are beautifully displayed at the front of the cafe and I had been eyeing them up for the entire lunch so couldn’t wait to try. Scones and clotted cream, macaroons, raspberry tarts and more. All were absolutely delicious! Needless to say, after finishing our lunch feast we had to pretty much roll out the cafe but it was so so so worth it. One of the best lunches I have had and I cannot wait to go back.

Nancy x


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