BYBI; CBD Booster, Mega Mist, Babe Balm Bronze Highlight

A fun, young, up and coming beauty brand with a focus on eco friendly products and packaging without compromising on results or appearance. BYBI stands for By Beauty Insider and was founded by two beauty bloggers back in 2017.

CBD Booster, 15ml for £12

CBD is popping up everywhere at the moment whether it be for topical use or consumption. I had yet to try a topical skincare CBD product so was very keen to give this a go! Formulated with 100mg Cannabidiol (CBD) in Hemp Oil it is designed as a daily skin de-stressor, and claims to be great for blemish prone skin. The oil is incredibly light and far spreading so there is no oily feeling on the skin; it instantly begins to soothe any irritation and redness. The booster range is created to be used as an addition to you current skincare routine, adding a couple of drops into moisturisers or serums. I have used it both on its own before bed and mixed with the serum stage of my skincare routine and found both work well. I am more inclined to add a couple of drop into my serum at night to take full advantage on the de-stressing and anti-irritation properties whilst still allowing me to top with a night cream as usual

Mega Mist, 50ml for £26

Definitely on the pricier side for a mist, especially withy just 50ml of product- I had high hopes for this hyaluronic acid spray. To start with, I think calling this product a mist doesn’t quite do it justice. It is more of a mist/ serum/ essence hybrid and provides more concentrated ingredients than a traditional mist would. It is also way heavier than a traditional mist and can leave a sticky feeling on the skin. Saying this, when I got my head around the fact it wasn’t my typical type of face mist and began seeing it more as a serum/mist hybrid I really started to enjoy using it. It most certainly works to plump and hydrate the skin and adds a generous boost of moisture and hydration without layering on heavy moisturisers. I tend to use this after toning, as an essence, before I go on and apply my serum. I also use it to give me a one off boost if my skin is feeling dry or dehydrated throughout the day. I only apply it on makeup free skin so the ingredients are able to properly work on the skin. In short, a really nice product when you come to understand how to use it. I will not be throwing out my Caudalie Grape Water mist but this is a very welcome addition.

Babe Balm Bronze, 6ml for £12

BYBI’s first step into cosmetics, we have their multi use Babe Balm with added mica powder to form a shimmery, rose gold, highlighted look. This is for sure going to come into its own in the summer months, it is a very creamy formula which will look beautiful applied to the high points of the face over the top of a tinted moisturiser or just on your natural sun kissed skin. I am enjoying adding a tiny little bit to my foundation at the moment to add a little dewy glow all over. It claims to be suitable for use on eyes and lips however I prefer to use specifically formulated cream products for the eyes as eyelids can get oily and cause makeup to wear off quickly. Saying that, if you are one of the few that doesn’t suffer with oily lids this will be great for you!

Nancy x


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