White Mulberries

Beautiful coffee, hearty healthy brunch food and legendary banana bread in a beautiful setting. Everything you want from a coffee shop and more! There are now two of these coffee shop gems, the first in St Katherines Docks opened back in 2012 and due to the massive success they have opened a second recently in Hay’s Galleria.

I stopped by the Hay’s Galleria branch with my friend Caroline to try out some of their dishes. I was having massive avocado toast cravings so went for the classic avocado toast with two sunny side up eggs. If you are feeling a little more adventurous they have so many different options; Puy lentils, harissa hummus, tuscan beans, proscuitto and more. Caroline went for Avocado on toast with Puy lentils sun blushed tomatoes and feta.

Now onto the main event…the banana bread. It was sooooo good, warming comfort dessert at its best. I topped mine with pistachios, agave, mascarpone and berries.

One of the nicest brunch spots I have been to in a while, defo with stopping by for a bite with a friend!

Nancy x


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