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I love using face oils all year round, however I particularly love them in the winter when my skin is dryer and duller. I usually use a face oil 5/6 nights a week, the only time I don’t is if I am using my Herbivore Botanicals night treatment (see previous post) or the Pixi glycolic serum (post to come). These are the top four oils I have been reaching for over the past month or so, all of them offer slightly different properties so I like to vary and assess what would best help my skin that day.

Fourth Ray Strawberry Seed Oil $8 for 0.5fl oz

An absolute bargain! This simple yet effective oil is perfect for days when your skin just needs a basic moisture hit without any complicated or active ingredients. It deeply nourishes and hydrates whilst soothing any irritation. A great oil to have if you are on a budget and want something effective and simple.

D’ Alchemy Intense Skin Repair Oil £50.80 for 1fl oz

From budget to premium. I came across this new brand at a PR event recently and was sold on their ethics immediately. Each product is a careful blend of scientifically tested, raw natural ingredients of the highest quality available. Their Skin Repair Oil has a blend of over 14 natural oils and extracts to aid your skin in a multitude of ways from deep hydration, regenerating, firming, soothing irritation, improving elasticity, reducing hyperpigmentation and much more. I apply a couple of drops at night and wake up looking like I have had a facial the day before, my skin always looks so plump, hydrated and fresh. Perfect if you have a big day you need to be looking extra fresh for. Well worth the price point if its in your budget.

Caudalie Vine Activ Overnight Detox Oil £30 for 1fl oz

Unlike the other oils mentioned, this is a dry oil meaning it absorbs almost immediately leaving no stickiness and feeling like you have next to nothing on your skin. For this reason if your skin is on the oilier side, this may feel the most comfortable for you (though don’t discount for dryer skins by any means.) The base oil of this product is grape with added benefits from musk rose oil, neroli, lavender, carrot, sandalwood and petigrain. The oil works to regenerate, detoxify and revive stressed skin. I love this oil for if my skin is looking a little spotty and conjested as it is so light, meaning it doesn’t clog my skin but still nourishes it.

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil £24 for 1fl oz

A long time favourite, this is the best Rosehip oil I have ever used by a long shot. Containing both the seed and fruit extract it contains the full range of benefits from the entire rose plant. High concentrations of omegas plus antioxidant carotenoids help repair and protect the skin against environmental stresses and visible damage. This is probably my most reached for oil, its perfect for sensitive, dehydrated skin that needs a moisture and nutrient hit. A little will go a long long way so meaning its great value for money.

Hope you enjoyed this little rundown! My products are always changing so will keep you guys updated with any news finds! If you have any recommendations or products you would like me to try let me know and I will do my best!

Nancy x


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