Herbivore Botanicals; Moon Fruit Night Treatment & Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner.

Heading up the ‘Clean Beauty’ trend we have the wonderful Herbivore Botanicals with their results driven, all natural, cruelty free and highly concentrated ever expanding line of skincare. I had been looking to try a couple of products from the line for a while and was kindly sent two of their best selling products to try.

Moon Fruit Night Treatment

Sitting between a powered-up night cream and a face mask we have a night treatment. Moon Fruit Superfruit Night treatment is a bright purple cream and multi-tasking night treatment, packed with antioxidant-rich Superfruits and fruit enzymes.  It can be used by all skin types and is suitable to apply a couple of times a week depending on what your skin responds best too.

The fruit enzymes, (AHA’s) in the treatment, work to very gently chemically exfoliate away dead skin cells without the need to scrub or manually exfoliate. The array of super fruits including prickly pear, goji berry and raspberry are full of anti-oxidants providing the skin with all the nutrients it needs to be healthy and glowing. The vegan derived hylaruonic acid is a humectant, drawing all the moisture into the skin and retaining it. Aloe juice is soothing and calming whist also containing Salicylic Acid making it excellent for clarifying the complexion. Kokum and Shea butter add an extra component in hydrating and nourishing the skin.

As you would exepect from a treatment containing this many quality ingredients, the results are exceptional. Silky smooth and weightless, there is no stinging or tingling; your skin feels instantly nourished. I have used it 2/3 times a week for the last month, my skin is noticeably clearer with less of those little bumps that I tend to notice pop up at the start of the colder months. There is no morning redness after the treatment, skin feels nourished and calm, yet noticeably clearer and fresher than the night before. You can apply an oil after the treatment, once it’s absorbed, especially if your skin is on the dryer side however I like to leave it to do its magic on its own.

Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner

A refreshing spritz toner containing a base of organic Jasmine Water infused with antioxidant-rich Green Tea, and a clarifying combination of Salicin-rich Willow Bark and Aloe Vera. Although I do use it occasionally after washing my face, as a toner, I usually like to keep it on my desk or by my bedside table as a skin booster. I love using it after applying my make-up as well-it takes the powdery look away without adding shine and will refresh the look of your makeup throughout the day whilst adding a little extra goodness to your skin

The ‘be all and end all’ of my choosing to recommend a product or brand is if I would repurchase the product with my own money. I can honestly say I will now not be without either of these products. They both have a place in my ‘must have’ skincare products line up. You really do get your moneys worth with these products and I can’t wait to try out the rest of the line.

Nancy x


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