Bellami Super Yacht

I kicked off the first Monday in October drinking Prosecco on a Super Yacht on the Thames and celebrating Bellami Hairs arrival to Europe…as you do.

Bellami are really taking the hair industry by storm; their incredible colour range (42 colours to be exact), high quality human hair and range of extension types have meant they have pretty much taken over the US market and are set to storm Europe and Australia over the next couple of years.

I have never had extensions before and was pretty oblivious to the different types you can have. I am pretty low maintenance with my hair, I rarely style it due to all the damage caused by modelling. I was advised to get Keratin Tips as they are the most natural looking and require the least amount of up-keep. I got a couple of pieces in my mid section just to add a little thickness to my fine hair. The difference is very natural and subtle, my hair just looks a little thicker and fuller which is exactly what I wanted!

Defo check Bellami out if you are considering getting any kind of extensions in the near future whether that be clip in or professional.

Nancy x


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