EL&N Cafe, South Kensington

If ever a cafe was made with Instagram in mind…it was this one!

The epitome of Instagram eating; plush pink seats, flower walls, beautifully crafted cakes and a whole load of latte art. I took my lovely bestie Caroline for a spot of lunch and a good old natter as we worked our way through as much of the menu as we could manage.

The range of dishes, cakes and drinks on the menu is insane, I wanted to try pretty much everything they had to offer. Eventually, after much deliberating we narrowed it down to a few mains and drinks to share. For food we opted for the signature smashed avocado, the blueberry pancakes, shakshuka and the grilled spicy tuna sandwich. Despite the large portions and slight over ordering we managed to pretty much polish off the entire lot. Caroline loved the tuna sandwich and I was pretty taken with the blueberry pancakes. All the food looked incredible and had the flavour to match. 

For drinks we each had a fresh juice (carrot and orange), I tried a Rose Latte and Caroline opted for a pot of Earl Grey. The Latte was lovely but very, very, very sweet – even for someone with a massive sweet tooth like me.

Although we had polished off 4 mains between the two of us, we couldn’t resist trying some of their desserts. We split a Carrot Cake and the Oreo Chocolate Cake and oh my sweet Jesus…the Oreo chocolate cake…wow. I cannot explain how bloody gorgeous it was, not your typical ‘cake’ as such it was more of a chocolatey, sweet, rich mousse seemingly sent by the Oreo gods!! Caroline and I had spoon wars over the Oreo cake and then could barely move for the rest of the day due to the extreme food coma.

Defo pop to EL&N cafe for at least a coffee and the Oreo Cake. You will not be disappointed!

Nancy x


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