My Face For Makeup 54

My modelling days are a little behind me now with most of my focus being on my Digital Marketing Consultancy and blogging, however every now and then an opportunity comes up that I just cant refuse…enter Anna Priadka and Makeup 54.

I have known Anna for a while now, Anna was head makeup artist at Nars for years and we got the opportunity to work together a lot. It was inevitable that one day this makeup mastermind was going to have to start her own brand and so Makeup 54 was born. This bright, girly and fun brand is hugely inspired by the 80’s disco scene. The current range consists of four long wear, cruelty free matte long lasting lipsticks and one glitter topper.

She has four gorgeous colours all named after 80’s icons! Jerry is a vibrant red that suits every skin tone, Gaynor is a brilliant best selling ‘disco nude’. Ross is the hottest pink you will find on the market and Elvira (possibly my fave) is a gorgeous peachy pink nude. Then you will find the dazzling ‘disco topper’ – Glitterball! As the name would suggest this is and incredible lip topper brings a hell of a lot of sparkle to each of the wonderful lip colours.

Check out there website at

Cruelty free, long lasting and very comfortable to wear. I cannot wait to see this brilliant brand take over the makeup world and I am so excited and honoured to be the face of it!

Nancy x


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