Where the hell have I been?!


It’s fair to say that over the last few months I have been completely MIA regarding the blog and pretty shitty on my Instagram. It’s been a stupendously busy time in my life and there have been many changes which have meant my own online work has been somewhat neglected

. In short, it turns out that starting your own business is more unbelievably stressful, hard work and time consuming than I initially anticipated. In January I decided that it was time for me to put my modelling career on the back burner for a bit and to explore new career paths. I have modelled since I was 18 and although I have thoroughly enjoyed it, I had come to a point where I was finding it less rewarding and I was becoming increasingly disinterested and disengaged. I didn’t enjoy shooting as much anymore and was getting frustrated that I wasn’t putting other skills to use.

I have had my blog since I was 19 and have had numerous great opportunities to work with a variety of food and beauty brands. My idea was to take all the knowledge I had acquired from working with multiple brands and apply that to new brands as their digital marketing consultant. My new career direction started with a hair company called ‘The Hair Movement’ and has quickly progressed to me working with beauty brands, health food brands, drinks brands and aromatherapy companies! I have since settled on 2/3 contracts at any one time with companies I really love. It’s taken a bloody long time but now I finally feel like I can put some much needed time and love back into my first passion – the blog!

The usual beauty reviews, recipes and restaurant write-ups will be being published, however I have also decided to add another dynamic for a new passion of mine – travel! Coming up over the next few months I have collaborations with Pixie, Natural Siberia, Drunken Elephant as well as lots of new Autumn vegan menus and recipes to write about. Keep your eyes peeled for travel write-ups on Monaco, Lagos, Barcelona, Lake Garda and Mykonos including beautiful pics, favourite restaurants and a little look book of my outfits on my stay!


Nancy x


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