I love a buffet restaurant!!! I am always that annoying person at dinner who spends a good 30 minutes trying to decide what I want to eat; with a buffet- everything is up for grabs! Tibits is a beautiful restaurant located just off Regent Street, offering the best  vegan and veggie hot foods, salads, desserts, drinks and more.

At the centre of the restaurant is a massive counter offering all types of wonderful dishes for you to fill your plate with. You then take it over to the counter to be weighed and calculate the cost. They have a multitude of dishes to choose between: cold salads, curries, casseroles, breads and more! Each dish is clearly labelled with any known allergens and whether it is suitable for vegans or veggies.

We piled our plates high with all of the lovely dishes and enjoyed each and every one of them! Our favourite dishes included the creamy guacamole, garlic french green beans and robust crispy wedges. We both struggled to finish our plates and were stuffed afterwards! My meat-eating boyfriend seemed to really enjoy the food and could barely finish his plate he was so full. I would definitely come back to Tibits particularly if I was taking a non-vegan friend out. There is so much choice and so many tasty dishes to choose from everyone will find something they like!

Nancy x


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