Reflexology At Vaishaly Clinic

“I believe there’s a direct correlation between our state of mind, our thoughts and the stresses we hold in our body, with the health and condition of our skin. By treating the whole body – both internally and externally – we can release tension, anxiety and stress that directly impacts the physical appearance of our skin. This is why I feel it’s important to offer deeply powerful treatments at the clinic like Reflexology.” Vaishaly.

After a lovely facial back in January at the renowned Vaishaly Clinic, located moments from Baker Street Station, I was absolutely delighted to be invited back to experience a new treatment they have added – reflexology.  Reflexology is an ancient treatment dating back thousands of years and is used as an holistic remedy to cater for our physical , mental and emotional wellbeing.

The treatment is based on the premise that an energy channel encompasses the 12 vital organs from out feet to the tops of our head. By applying pressure in particular areas of the feet the therapist can work to unblock any under-functioning channels and therefore restore health, organ function and wellbeing.

When arriving for my appointment I spoke to my therapist about my current concerns. At the time I was struggling with my digestion, having a stressful time balancing the different aspects of my work, and not paying enough attention my diet and exercise routine; this had led me to experiencing nasty cramping. The therapist assured me that she would be focussing on that issue during the treatment and I should notice improvement over the coming days.

The actual treatment was incredibly relaxing and enjoyable;  I lay covered in a blanket with my feet raised on a cushion as the therapist spent the next hour working on my feet. I can honestly say this was probably the fastest hour of my life. I can’t remember falling asleep however I cannot remember much of the treatment either! I was beyond relaxed and felt a little like I had been sedated after – without a doubt one of the most soothing and relaxing treatments I have ever experienced!

After the treatment I got home and fell into the deepest sleep at around 7:30pm – sleeping straight through to 8am the next day! I felt incredibly refreshed  and a lot less stressed than I had been earlier in the week. Over the course of the next few days I noticed some improvement with my digestion and over all well-being. Whether that was a direct reflection of the reflexology treatment or of having a good night sleep and feeling refreshed is hard to tell, however, regardless -the reflexology treatment most definitely helped!

I think that reflexology is most definitely something worth considering should you have any ailments that you are struggling to remedy and would like to take a more holistic approach. Another wonderful experience at this lovely haven of well-being and relaxation. Very reasonably priced and well worth treating yourself to!


Nancy x


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