The Brook

The newest vegan eatery to open up in East London, the brook is an exciting new restaurant offering delicious, innovative, flavoursome food that will blow the minds of both  vegans and meat-eaters alike. A tapas style menu means that you get to experience a little bit of everything whilst sipping on one of their punchy cocktails (seriously punchy – I underestimated their strength and paid the price later.)

A perfect atmosphere for a chilled Friday evening,  kicking off the weekend with dinner and drinks for two. The menu was packed with an overwhelming amount of mouth-watering vegan food. It is recommended to choose 3-4 dishes per person, which was ideal as we could try more of the options.

We opted for the following dishes; Jackfruit Quesadillas, Buffalo Cauliflower, Satay Skewers, Loaded BBQ Nachos, Pan – Seared ‘Scallops’, Tofish Bites, Seasoned Potato Chips, Beetball lettuce tacos and Cajun Nugz. The 3-4 dish option ,which had been recommended, went straight out the window! Both of us were absolutely  blown away by every single dish – without a doubt some of the best vegan food I have ever eaten. The boyfriend Woody likes his meat and dairy, although he has been really open to trying vegan foods; he was in disbelief that everything we were eating was entirely vegan.

There were a couple of real standout dishes that we would 100% recommend if you pop along; the Buffalo Cauliflower which was deep-fried to perfection, crispy and smoky with a cooling ranch dip, Satay Skewers with a creamy peanut dipping sauce and the crispy Cajun Nugz with a mayo dip. Two dishes worth a special mention are the ‘mock-fish’ dishes. I have always hated any food with a remotely fishy flavour so these weren’t my favourite dishes, however they were very well done and Woody really enjoyed them. The Tofish bites were beer-battered and crisp with a tofu centre, and the scallops looked unbelievably realistic and apparently resembled the texture of actual scallops! Although the dessert options looked amazing, we simply were too full to be able to fit in a another mouthful of food.

To accompany our food we chose a bottle from the vast selection of vegan wines and to finish off our meal we sipped on a couple of their punchy signature cocktails. They definitely don’t skimp on the booze! I can remember really enjoying my cocktail, however I can’t remember the name of mine… or the rest of the evening really .

An absolutely sensational evening of good food and great drinks, an ideal vegan hang out to take your meat-eating friends to – it will blow their minds!

Nancy x





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