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Vaishaly Clinic Location : 51 Paddington street, W1U 4HR (moments from Baker Street station)

The Vaishaly Signature facial is one of the most renowned in London. It has topped many beauty lists and has been heralded as one of the best treatments available on the market by publications such as Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Daily Mail and Look Fantastic. In 2017 Vaishaly won the Attracta Beauty awards for ‘best facial’. The reason this brand initially appealed to me is because their motto aligns well with my skin care beliefs – “less is more’- I don’t necessarily mean I am a minimalist when it comes to my skin care collection (as you can imagine from the number of  beauty posts I publish … its pretty extensive) however, it does mean that I am an advocate of using products that don’t have an overwhelming ingredient list of strange chemicals.


The Vaishaly Signature facial is adjusted and tailored to suit each person, depending on what their skin needs and what it will react best to. The salon also takes a very holistic approach and believes that the skin is a reflection of what is happening internally. This means that all aspects of health are considered when receiving the facial; you are receiving a treatment specific to you and your skin’s needs. This is exactly why a ‘Signature Facial’ is suitable for absolutely everyone.

The stages of this facial are deep cleansing, extraction, microdermabrasion (exfoliation), high frequency (close pores and kill any spot causing germs and bacteria) facial massage and a treatment mask specific to your skins needs.  This way every aspect of the skin is taken care of and you will get almost instantly clearer fresher skin.


Six stages of Vaishaly Signature Facial:

– Deep Cleanse

Just like at the start of any facial, a rich and effective deep cleanser is applied to remove oil and dirt built up leaving a fresh canvas for the practitioner to work on.


Definitely the most uncomfortable part of the facial however well worth the results. Extraction is basically the fancy and correct way to “pop a spot’. The area is completely clean and a small tool is used by the practitioner to go around each section of the face carefully removing any blocked pores and black heads without tugging on the skin or spreading the bacteria. When done well, and in a sterile environment, this can be incredibly effective and something I get done every single time I have a facial – just don’t attempt it at home because I can guarantee you the results will be far from the same (I learnt that the hard way!)


This is a physical exfoliating treatment where the face is sprayed with microscopic exfoliant crystals to remove the dead cells from the skin’s surface layer. This in turn reduces pigmentation, scarring and fine lines revealing a fresher, plumper skin as the dead cells are stripped away. By far, Vaishaly Microdermabrasion is the best I have ever had. After a couple of Microdermabrasion treatments that were carried out terribly at other salons using far too harsh crystals and performed on actively broken out irritated, skin it had previously been quite a painful experience that left my skin damaged. The Microdermabrasion experience at Vaishaly was completely different; a slight tingling whilst the treatment was being carried out but no real soreness or extreme redness. Microdermabrasion done right!!

High Frequency

This is one of the most versatile facial treatments; high frequency facials are performed by holding a wand over each section of the skin. It is completely painless- the most you will feel whilst receiving this treatment is a little bit of warmth emanating from the wand. What this tool does for your skin is pretty impressive; not only will it kill any acne causing bacteria and close your pores, making it perfect for spot-prone skin, but its also works to reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffy eyes and dark circles. It stimulates cell renewal and helps products absorb deeper into the skin.

– Facial Massage

Vaishaly facial massage is renowned in the business for its anti-ageing properties. The entire massage experience is performed with the goal of completely relaxing your body and mind, using essential oils and a specific massage technique that plums the skin, increases elasticity, de-puffs and improves circulation.

Treatment Mask

Dependant upon what the therapist thinks your skin needs, a treatment mask will be applied as the last part of the facial, before rinsing the skin and applying a serum. For my skin, the therapist used a balancing treatment mask to help calm the skin after the treatments and help balance oil production and dryness.


Immediately after the facial my skin was a little red which was to be expected, however by the time I woke up the next morning the redness had almost entirely gone down.  There was no skin ‘purging’ or ‘peeling’ that sometimes happen after a deep cleansing facial, instead, day by day, my skin tone and texture continued to get better and better as my skin calmed down and the results started to show through. I made sure to keep my skin care routine very simple and basic using all natural products for sensitive skin so as to not interfere with the effects of the facial. I had a little dryness from the microdermabrasion however I found it important to refrain from overloading the skin with heavy  products and instead just keeping to the basics and letting the skin balance itself out.

A week after the treatment, I hadn’t had a single breakout, my face look noticeably fresher and had less pigmentation. These result lasted for about four weeks after which I felt that I might like to get another deep cleanse and treatment. I swear by having a facial once a month in order to keep my skin in tip-top condition. The Vaishaly one is brilliant because it isn’t too harsh on the skin and there is pretty much no recovery time, unlike other deep cleansing facials I have had, which have led to my skin peeling or being very red for days. Dependant on your skin and your budget I do think it’s really important to commit to having a really good facial every month or so. Much like we go to the hairdressers once every 6-8 weeks and pay for them to refresh our barnett, the same needs to be done for your skin. For a one on one 55min Facial with Vaishaly herself it is £200 or for a facial with one of her wonderfully trained aesthetitions it is £120. I would strongly recommend that everyone who has an interest in skin (which I should think a lot of my readers do!) it is really worth spending that £120  every few months and letting someone treat your skin deeply, meaning the products you use are more effective and actually making more of a difference.

Nancy x




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