Pai Skincare Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream

A couple of posts back, I was raving about the magical Pai Rosehop Bioregenerate Oil. This is the second post in the trilogy – trying out Pai’s best selling and aptly named “hero” products and unsurprisingly I am obsessed with this beautiful moisturiser.

Me and moisturisers have a somewhat complicated and turbulent past. Despite trying and testing out countless moisturisers over the 3 years of blogging (and by countless I would estimate over 100 products), I have never found one that I liked enough to continue using for more than a few days. I find with the majority of moisturisers whether it is after one use or 7, eventually will cause me congestion. As you can imagine I have tried all sorts; organic, aloe-based, silicone-free, acid-infused, antiseptic, acne specific, combination skin specific, dry skin specific, sensitive skin specific…you get the picture. Nothing has worked out for me. I am a massive fan and advocate of oils and have been using an oil (usually a rosehip based product) both morning and evening for years and making sure to apply a separate SPF after the oil has absorbed in the morning. Although I will always be a fan of oil,s this moisturiser is a game changer.

All of Pai Skincare is formulated using natural and organic ingredients, especially selected to cater for the most sensitive skin. The calming day cream is their most calming and soothing moisturiser making it perfect for everyone to use- especially those with problem skin- including rosacea, acne, post treatment peeling, patchiness, allergic reactions etc. By taking one glance at the ingredients list you can see how many wonderful skin nourishing ingredients they have packed into this product. The two standout ingredients are German Chamomile extract, which works to soothe and cool the skin, and of course Rosehip C02 extract, which works to both repair and protect the skin.

This wonder product applies like silk, smoothly calming redness, and soothing the skin as it goes. It immediately melts into your pores and feels weightless, leaving your skin feeling fresh. Within seconds of applying, irritation is reduced and your skin has a much more even tone as it works to calm and soothe. With continued use I noticed my skin felt much more plump and hydrated, looked healthier and it healed much faster if I had a spot.

I take this moisturiser with me wherever I go- for a top up throughout the day if my skin feels tired and dehydrated. Its incredible natural scent is lovely and calming as is the effect on my skin. Since I always keep a bottle of this on me, a couple of my friends have tried it out as well – both of them remarking how much they like the product and where they can purchase a bottle! It is also a hit with the boyfriend as I have popped a little bit of this wonder product on him a few times following which he cannot stop touching his face because he can’t believe how soft his skin is!

Hands down, without a doubt the best moisturiser I have ever used – I will be repurchasing a back up asap as I know this will remain a staple in my skin care routine for quite some time.

Nancy x



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