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CBD, also known as Cannabidoil, is the raw oil extracted from the marijuana plant. In recent years the benefits of Cannabidoil have become more widely known for its many healing properties and health benefits when its is injested.

Along with producing Cannabidoil oil as a supplement oil to be injested, CBD armour are also created a range of beauty products using the oil; this includes hair oil, skin balm and soap. I was sent two of the hair oils to test out and review, one aimed at nourishing and rejuvenating damaged har and one used to assist with getting rid of dandruff.

I dont really have a issue with dandruff however my hair gets put through so much with dying, styling, backcombing for work I basically live with an oil mask on my hair if I am not shooting. It is suggested that you apply a small amount of oil to the roots and lengths of you hair before styling as usual. Though i have used it in the suggested way I find that it can be a little heavy for my hair unless I am very carful to apply a small amount and reallly distribute it throughout the hair. My favourite way I have found to use it is as a over night hair mask, I apply enough of the oil to work through damp hair and then wrap my hair up and leave te oil to work its magic.

Using 100% natural, organic, cold pressed oils its was formulated to stimulate keratin synthesis (keratin is what keeps your hair stron), as well as restore the structures of the scalp and nourish, condition and protect the lengths of the hair.

When applying the oil for styling purposes be sure to add little by little so you dont over apply and leave the hair looking greasy. If you are using it as a treatment (which is my preferred way to use the product) then I apply liberally throughout the hair and concentrate on working the product into the scalp to aid stimulation.

The reason I love this product is that as well as keeping your hair healthy and shiny it also works to ensure that your hair grows thick and healthy – preempting the damage that could be caused by heat and colouring. I will continue to use these hair oils both for styling and treatment to keep my hair strong and repair any damage. I would really reccomend trying out an oil that also nourishes the scalp as well as the lengths of the hair and this one I would highly reccomend.

Nancy x



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