Tropical Green Smoothie Bowl

This tantalisingly tangy and tasty tropical smoothie bowl is boosted with Vibrant Healths maximum vibrance vanilla powder. My go to add in supplement Vibrant Health has; 25 probiotics to aid digestion, plant protein to keep you full for longer and extracts form some of the most potent superfoods available including spirulina and chlorella, Wheat grass, barley grass, beetroot, carrot and more!


(serves one)


1 frozen banana

1 mango

Flesh of 1 passion fruit

1 cup of coconut milk

1 scoop maximum vibrance powder (click to find out more!)


passion fruit

dessicated coconut

raw buckwheat groats

goji berries


Put all of the smoothie ingredients into your nutribullet and blend on high until completley smooth. Pour into a bowl and top with more passion fruit, dessicated coconut, raw buckwheat and goji berries.


Nancy x



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