Nibble Protein Bites


There are so many healthy snack bars on the market nowadays, however a lot of them contain a high amount of natural sugars. I have a sweet tooth so love snacking on bars, they are also really convenient to throw in your bag to keep you going when you’re having a busy day; the only problem is, I don’t find they keep me full for very long! I have been on the hunt for a quick snack with a protein hit and a little less sugar and came across these Nibble Protein bites.

Free from gluten, soy and dairy they get their protein hit from Pea protein and rather than using dates to sweeten they use dried plums which are very low GI therefore preventing your blood sugar from spiking and crashing.

These treats come in three flavours; lemon, mocha, sour cherry and (by far my favourite) choc chip cookie. They definitely have a unique  flavour and texture which could take some getting used to if you are switching from the usual high sugar health bars however they are very tasty none the less.

If your are also looking for a more filling quick snack these are definitely worth checking out. They are really taking off and are now not only available in health food stores but also Ocado!


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