Neals Yard Pride now have Burgers!

As you probably know if you’re a regular reader of the blog – I love Salad Pride. They always have such an innovative menu and new interesting flavour and ingredient combinations that rival many of the top veggie spots in London.

This week I was invited back to try the new addition to the menu … burgers (or at least a salad pride take on them!) Described as a salad in a bun on the menu, there are three veggie filled options to choose from – The Classic Burger, The Asian Burger and The Middle East Burger. Each is served with a side of sweet potato, sauce of your choice and a warm toasted gluten-free bun.

I went for The Classic; Roasted sweet potato, tomato mushrooms, mashed green peas, micro cress with a mustard and tahini dressing. The flavours were on point- as usual and the gluten-free bun was one of the best I have had, toasted and crisped up to perfection. A really tasty filling meal, though a very different take on a burger. There is no ¬†actual burger Pattie – it’s more of a bread bun with veggies- tasty none the less. However if you’re looking for a more traditional vegan-take on ¬†the burger, this may not quite hit the spot.

I am off to try out Salad Pride’s supper menu this week, which I am looking forward to, so keep your eyes peeled for more Salad Pride talk coming soon!


Nancy x


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