Maple & Co Updates with Adria Wu

Around 18 months ago, I got the opportunity to visit a relatively new healthy lunch spot in Fitzrovia – Maple and Fitz.  Needless to say, it was love at first bite! The food was incredibly flavourful  influenced by cuisines from across the globe. You can check out the original write up here –

During those 18 months an awful lot has changed, not only for the Maple & Co brand, but also for its founder, the lovely Adria Wu. Most prevalent of the changes is that another Maple café has opened its doors in Kings Cross. I went to check out the new premises and catch up with the wonderful woman behind the brand.

The new location is substantially larger than the Fitzrovia original. Plenty more dining space, a larger kitchen, a clean and minimalist yet friendly and homely atmosphere make it a lovely place to relax in your lunch break, get some work done or have a meeting. Maple caters for all diets, whether you eat meat, fish, are veggie, or like me – vegan! The lunch boxes allow you to choose your protein, whether it be salmon, chicken, halloumi or tofu and then add your veggies. The veggie add ins aren’t your usual steamed broccoli and baked potato. Adria incorporates flavours from across the globe to spice up the salads. Choose from Ceaser salad, Mexican, Singapore noodles and more! There is also a massive selection of cold pressed juices, smoothies, coffees and sweet treats (including vegan and gluten-free options) to accompany your lunch.

Over my delicious tofu lunch box I got to catch up with Adria and find out what exciting things she has in store. If you are a fan of a lazy Sunday morning watching Sunday Brunch on channel 4 you will have seen Adria in action whipping up some delicious healthy eats. Supper clubs are in planning stages, new recipes for the blog, possibility of a book, another café and more television appearances mean a hectic yet exciting time for both the Maple Brand and Adria herself.

I am really excited to continue to work with this lovely team and follow them from success to success. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming collaborations and be sure to pop to the new Kings Cross branch for a turmeric latte!

Nancy x


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