I was lucky enough to go to Monte Carlo last month for a photo shoot for a new ‘high-end’ Kaftan company. It was a great shoot and I cannot wait to share the pics with you guys!

One of my old friends is an incredible raw vegan and vegan chef; meet Eric- head chef at the only vegan and health food restaurant in the province!  I couldn’t wait to try out the food and headed there as soon as I had a couple of free hours. Eric and I met when we were both working at Tanya’s ( a raw vegan restaurant in South Kensington). I had taken some time out from modelling to learn more about raw vegan cooking and I was lucky to be working with two of the kindest and knowledgeable chefs I have ever met.

Since moving on from ‘Tanya’s’ – Eric has become personal chef to ‘novak djokovic’ one of the worlds greatest tennis players; he also prepares food at the restaurant ‘Equivita’- it has been so exciting to see his career progress and unfold.

Tasked with revamping the menu at Equivita, I was incredibly eager to see which vegan delights he had in store. I also took along the shoot team to try out the restaurant and give a non-vegan, non-biased opinion on the food.
A truly beautiful restaurant with a fresh interior and plenty of outdoor dining space it was the perfect place to relax after an intense couple of days of shooting. The menu was really interesting, I could see the inspiration Eric had taken from his time at Tanya’s cafe but with a new twist. There was a fantastic range of raw and cooked vegan options, smoothies, juices, snacks, sweets and mains.

For my main course I ordered the lentil and beetroot naked burger which came with a generous portion of sweet potato fries, chutney, tomato coulis, roasted mushroom and a seasonal salad. Everything was super-tasty (especially the fries) and it was a really good-sized portion. After such a tasty main course I couldn’t help but order a smoothie and a couple of desserts to try. I opted for the smoothie of the day which was refreshing and berry-based – perfect for cooling down on hot day (the texture was thinner than I was expecting but tasty none the less). For the dessert, I couldn’t choose between the ice cream and the double chocolate cake so naturally I ordered both! One of the best chocolate cakes I have had; a rich flavour yet light texture and it was beautifully presented. The ice cream trio was equally tasty – particularly the mango sorbet.

Such a tasty treat after a long couple of days and the rest of the team enjoyed the meal as well! Hopefully I will get the chance to go back to Monte Carlo and try a few more options on the menu.

Nancy x


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