Wild Food Cafe

Location: 14 Neals Yard, London (nearest station Covent Garden)
Price*: £60-£90
(*Lunch main course and drink for two)
Summary: Superfood cafe.
Service: Table Service
Dietary Options: Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Raw
Favourite Dish: Raw Pizzette

The wild food café has somewhat of a cult following amongst the London vegan/ health foodie community. With a beautiful instagram showcasing the most beautiful and vibrant vegan food, it’s no surprise that people are intrigued to see if the food tastes as good as it looks!

Situated in one of the most picturesque and trendy spots in central London – Neals Yard, there is a fair amount of competition from other food spots- including a favourite of  mine – salad pride.

The new summer menu had just launched so I got the chance to try out some of their new dishes. Their menu has an extensive drink selection ranging from smoothies, juices, beers, wine, kombucha, chai latte’s and more. Both myself and my flat mate Ella opted for a smoothie each – one “Alp-accino” (cold brew coffee, medicinal mushrooms, almonds, dates, coconut whipped cream and chocolate sauce)  and one “Wild Rocket Fuel” (Matcha, chaga, Irish moss, coconut whipped cream and caramel sauce.”  The drink looked absolutely incredible and neither of us could wait to take a sip, however we both found our drinks really thin, watered down and not particularly flavourful. The coconut cream however was the saving grace – sadly though there was certainly not £7 worth of smoothie there, however organic, and well sourced the ingredients claim to be.

When it comes to main courses the Wild Food Team recommend ordering 3-5 dishes, plus a selection of nibbles for a table of two. Now most main dishes are priced around £12 and nibbles £4 – so without even ordering a drink, a meal for two people would come to around £60- £75 – and that’s food alone. For those kind of prices, the food really needs to be spectacular to justify the spend!

We ordered a summer goddess bowl and a raw pizzete. The flavours and textures in the raw pizette were really lovely, however the portions were of course small as they advise you to have 2-3 mains plus sides per person. I found the summer goddess bowl quite underwhelming and bland, a selection of raw veggies with a dressing and some sprouts – something I could whip up at home in under 5mins.


I was left disappointed after my meal at the Wild food cafe, the food was very pretty, but not amazingly flavourful or fairly priced. I think their Instagram and location really help them to draw in customers. I had eaten here a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it  – unfortunately this time, despite my fond memories, I really wasn’t a fan. Have you been recently? Let me know what you thought?


Nancy x


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