Neals Yard Pride (Salad Pride) Summer Menu

Location: 2 Neils Yard, Covent Garden. (nearest station Covent Garden)
Price*: £17-£25
(*Salad lunch and drink for two)
Summary: Salad Bar with Juices and Smoothies in Neils Yard.
Service: Order at Counter. Table Service
Dietary Options: Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free
Favourite Dish: Protein Feast

A change in season means a change in menu at many of the best restaurants around town; a shift from heartier heavier dishes to more delicate summer flavours. The incredible Salad Pride never ceases to impress with their innovative flavours and intricate dishes and their new menu was as delicious as you would expect from the ‘salad master’ David Bez.


I have visited Salad Pride many times and I have to say this menu is my favourite by far! I could not decide what to eat and drink- it all sounded absolutely fantastic with such an interesting and diverse menu. Luckily I took along my flat mate Ella (check out her blog here!) so we got to try twice as much.

For drinks, I opted for the classic green ‘love juice’ whilst  Ella went for the Red velvet beetroot latte.

For mains I enjoyed a protein feast ‘Buddha Bowl’ which was nothing short of  delicious. chickpea omelette, marinated mushrooms, black beans, cashew cheese, seeds – basically as much vegan deliciousness that can fit into one bowl! One of the best meals I have had in a long time!


Ella opted for the carbonara of spiralised raw vegetables in a “cheezy” sauce served with lentils, roasted peppers and sweet potato.

Although we were both satisfied after the main course, the temptation to try something sweet was too much! The raw chocolate cheesecake was rich and creamy and Ella’s ‘Acai Bowl’ certainly tasted as good as it looked!

Yet another amazing experience at this favourite food spot of mine. Go and check them out!

Nancy x



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