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A few months ago I was contacted by a website called “Hello Skin” about testing out some of their products. Upon researching more into the company, I was intrigued to find a website dedicated entirely to shopping for sensitive and problem skin. A one stop shop for sufferers of eczema, psoriasis, acne and dry skin, with all the products available being approved by doctors to ensure that your money is being well spent on effective treatments.

Being a sufferer of dry skin and acne for the majority of my teenage years I know how easy it is to waste your money on products that claim to work magic but are actually just a result of a great marketing team. The good thing with ‘hello skin’ is that every single product on the site has been recommended by professionals and actually works.


Cetraben Emollient Cream for Eczema and dry skin – 1050g, 500g, 150g, 50g

I chose to try Cetraben a body moisturizer that’s targeted towards chapped, inflamed or eczema prone skin formulated without SLS and parabens. Although I do not suffer from eczema, very often I am stupid enough to get sun burnt and this stuff was a miracle for that! It completely soothed my skin and I definitely think it helped it heal faster. I do feel it leaves a residue on the skin which some people may not enjoy, however, I believe that is linked to the “protective” after effect properties and is creating somewhat of a shield enabling your skin to heal faster.


Aveeno Daily Moisturising Bath and Shower Oil for dry and sensitive skin – 300ml

The second product I tried has become a new favourite and staple of mine. Unlike Cetraben, I had heard of Aveeno before and used some of their products in the past. I was intrigued by their daily bath & shower oil as it claims to both cleanse skin and moisturize intensively therefore moisturizing after is not necessary and anything to save time is a bonus for me. I shower twice a day usually which isn’t great for your skin and can dry it out over time. When I have a shower in the morning I am usually in a rush so never moisturize after, however with the daily moisturizing oil it does the job whilst I’m in the shower. So no waiting for moisturizer to absorb before you get dressed. I have also used this as a bath oil and I feel it really penetrates and thoroughly moisturize the skin as a more intensive treatment.

‘Hello Skin’ is without a doubt one to check out if you suffer from any skin issues and want to use products that you can trust and are recommended by professionals. There may not be fancy packaging or a massive following on Instagram, however if they are products that ‘do what they say’ that you are looking for then look no further!


Nancy x


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