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Salad Pride has become a regular feature on the blog – with their unique and innovative combinations, along with their beautiful presentation, it is no wonder why. David Bez (the mastermind behind the Salad Pride franchise) continues to impress and delight with his passion for beautiful life-giving food, interesting and impressive flavours and a constantly evolving and progressing menu. It was a pleasure to visit the second establishment opening in Kings Road and I expect to see many more ‘Salad Pride’ eateries popping up in the future.

David Bez’ Salad Pride in Neil’s Yard played host to my first ever Supper Club experience. The concept behind the evening was a fully synthetic and mindful food experience, a walk through the senses, colours and chakra’s. 7 courses of intricately created mindful food with accompanying affirmations- we were challenged to allow all five senses to experience each course and to take a few moments before tucking in  to consider the mantra, chakra and fully envelop ourselves in the dish in front of us.


Course 1 : Red

Smell – Vetiver

Root Chakra – survival, security and stability

“I am grounded, safe and prosperous.”

A crunchy crust of pumpkin seeds leading into beautifully spiced black beans and melting down into a rich and smoky tomato sauce with marinated mushrooms and truffle oil, served with a sharp yet sweet red ginger juice.

Course 2 : Orange

Smell – Neroli

Sacral Chakra – creativity, joy and passion.

“I am creative, loving and passionate about life.”

A squash and carrot coconut curry soup, incredibly creamy, sweet and rich, with a clarifying kick of ginger cutting through the flavours and refreshing the pallet ready for the next spoonful; accompanied by a carrot and ginger juice.

Course 3 : Yellow

Smell – Lemon

Solar Plexus Chakra – Plays a vital role in digestion. Intellect, personal power,  control, spiritual evolution.

“I am driven, successful and will be what I want to be.”

A chickpea flour omelette complimented by turmeric sauerkraut to aid digestion, creamy saffron humus and mustard crackers. Served with a turmeric lemon kombucha tonic.


Course 4 : Green

Smell – Absolute Rose

Heart Chakra – unconditional love, compassion and wellbeing.

“I am passionate and exude unconditional love.”

Spiralised cucumber noodles coated in avocado cream with basil, peas and a crunch from toasted pistachios and buckwheat; refreshing green cucumber smoothie.


Course 5 : Blue

Smell – frankincense

Throat Chakra – Truth, maturity and independence.

“I live in truth and clearly communicate with others.”

Salty cashew nut cheese with a sharp blueberry and chia jam served with Spirulina Kafir.


Course 6 : Indigo

Smell – Clary Sage

Third Eye Chakra – intuitive clarity, releasing repressed emotions and attaining self realisation.”

” I always see the reality in every situation through universal consciousness.”

Surprisingly light raw chocolate cheesecake with a berry coolie and chai tea.

Course 7 : Violet

Smell – Myrrh

Crown Chakra – Awakening consciousness, enlightenment and intelligence.

“I am complete and at one with divine energy.”

Beautifully refreshing end to a beautiful meal – lavender banana ice cream and detox tea.


A thoroughly enjoyable experience with great company, delicious food and beautiful surroundings. Taking the time to really think about what we eat and how it makes us feel and affects us physically and emotionally was a very grounding experience and one I can most definitely recommend.

For Upcoming Super Clubs by the wonderful David Bez visit


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