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The third in my series of monthly blog posts in collaboration with the natural online beauty store A UK- based website selling the best natural, irritant-free and gentle beauty products available on the market. These range from skin care, hair care, personal wellbeing and child care. I will be featuring one of my favourite products from the site every month and, as a thank you for all your support we will be working together to bring you a giveaway or discount code!

Saaf Pure Organic Skin Care

With the focus being on pure, organic, naturally sourced, therapeutic and top quality ingredients, it goes without saying that every product is formulated and balanced meticulously to cater for your skins specific needs, without the use of any unnecessary and possibly harmful ingredients.


As with all balm cleansers I recommend using this product every evening or every other evening, depending on your skin type-as a mini treatment after removing make up. When a product is formulated as well as this one, I enjoy leaving it on the skin for 5mins in order to allow the skin to absorb some of the beneficial ingredients before buffing off with a cloth.

My Thoughts

I am a big advocate of balm cleansers, not necessarily for removing makeup but for using as a “skin treat” to nourish and clean the skin a few evenings a week. For the last few months, I have been a devotee of Green Keratins Rossafort Magnificent cleansing balm – find the blog post here. So when Naturally Better you sent me the Saaf balm cleanser to use I was keen to see how the products compare.

The Saaf cleanser is a little thicker than the green Keratin and I prefer the smell. The effects of both the products are relatively similar, meaning that they are equally brilliant! Saaf definitely has a more luxurious feel to it and the packaging, smell and texture make for a slightly more deluxe experience. I would definitely recommend treating your self to a Saaf cleanser and keep it as a rotation amongst other products in your skin care routine-you won’t be disappointed!

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