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I have had the pleasure of tasting these award-winning raw vegan snacks from ‘Moral Fibre’ foods, and I wasn’t disappointed! The focus of the brand is to create sugar-free, minimally processed, nutrient rich and delicious sweet and savoury snacks. I am always keeping an eye out for ways to combat that mid afternoon snack attack, so was looking forward to tasting these.  Both myself and my ‘non-vegan haribo and fried chicken loving’ flat mate Sara, had a very entertaining tasting session so I can share both of our perspectives.


Coco Nut Banana Bites

Unfortunately I do not have my own picture of these delicious morsels as I went to try “just one” with my cup of tea one evening and before I knew it I had nibbled through the lot – if you’re watching your waistline open with caution. These were by far my favourite of the sweet treats . A smooth banana centre coated in dark chocolate, I really like banana but it is very strong so if you’re not fan, you are probably not going to like this one.


Raspberry colossal Balls

Great for a quick burst of energy to keep you going, without filling you up too much. Much like your classic energy ball but half the size. Tasty and convenient. Sara says :  “not bad”

Banana Nut Bites

Little crunchy nuggets with a strong banana flavour-different flavour and texture to what I have taste before, but enjoyable none the less. Sara says : “Bananary”.


Fig Berry Balls

Small Malteser-sized sweets made from figs and rolled in cacao-interesting but pleasant flavour. Sara says : “very bitter.”

Banana Berry Bites

Soft banana flavoured bites are the nut free option packed with anti-oxidising cranberries. Sara says : “these are banging.” Translation – “these are really tasty.”


Exotic Seedy Fruity Bites

Figs, nuts, Goji berries, pumpkin seeds, cardomom and orange oil make for another unique tasting snack. These resembled a more traditional jelly sweet to me. Sara says “confusing flavours” and I have to say I agree. I can definitely see what they are going for here but maybe quantities need tweaking slightly.

Giant Buzz Balls

Sweet yet salty protein packed energy balls. Made with madjoul dates, Himalayan salt and bee pollen these treats are full of B vitamins and folic acid. Sara says “a little flavourless”. I really enjoyed these though and considering the lack of added flavours and sugar it was very tasty.

Courgette Crunch

A savoury raw cracker made of cashews and courgettes which have been slowly dehydrated. Sara says “boring and soggy”. I definitely agree there could be a little more flavour to these and I didn’t find them to be “crunchy” at all.

Chilli Crunch

The same concept as the courgette crunch however the flavour and texture are miles better! So tasty and the whole pack was demolished in one sitting! Sara says “delicious!” – agreed!

There are some real gems in the Moral Fibre range which were incredibly flavoursome and moreish. A couple of the recipes could do with some tweaking but there are definitely some lovely combinations in there. 

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