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Naturally Better You

The second in my series of monthly blog post in collaboration with the natural online beauty store A UK- based website selling the best natural, irritant free and gentle beauty products available on the market. These range from skin care, hair care, personal wellbeing and child care. I will be featuring one of my favourite products from the site every month and as a thankyou for all your support we will be working together to bring you a giveaway or discount code!

Ekia Skincare


An innovative anti-ageing skincare brand specialising in distinguishing between different types of “mature skin” to treat ageing most effectively and well as products to younger skin to prevent the signs of ageing and preserve a youthful look for longer.

Product Facts

This super powered serum claims to conquer pigmentation, dull complexions and tired skin. Formulated using the traditional Amazonian skincare superstar ingredient “dragons blood sap” the skin begins to regenerate  in just 24 hours. Cell turnover if dramatically increased resulting in a smoother and more even complexion and a host of powerful anti oxidants are imparted into the skin.


This thin and lightweight serum is to be applied twice daily onto a freshly cleansed and toned skin. The product is absorbed instantly leaving a fresh base to continue with your usual routine without adding a heavy layer. It is advised you continue using the product daily for 3 months in order to properly observe its effectiveness.


My Thoughts

A lovely light weight serum great for sensitive skins, with no perfume or irritating ingredients. A delightful way to quickly add an anti aging boost to you current skincare routine without investing in a tonne of new products. I definatley noticed an increase in radiance and a more even complexion a couple of weeks into using the product twice a day. Almost instantly my skin looked much fresher and healthier. This product is formulated to perfection, effective and easy to use. A definate worthwhile purchase if you are looking to boost radiance or starting to consider investing in your first anti-ageing product.


Nancy x



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