Kings Road Pride (Salad Pride)

Location: 371 Kings Road, Chelsea. Inside Tri-Yoga.

Summary: Health food cafe within yoga studio specialising is beautiful vegan salads, soups and smoothies.

Dietary Options: Entirely vegan and gluten free menu. Soy free options available.

Favourite Dish: The Classic Salad

David Bez, the author of Salad Pride and owner of the quiaint cafe by the same name in Neals Yard Covent Garden, opens his second superfood cafe inside Tri-Yoga on the reputable Kings Road in Chelsea.  After already being treated to a delectable meal at the Covent Garden location I was very eager to see how the menu, quality and delicate presentation Salad Pride is renowned for translated to the new venue as the brand expands.

You have probably noticed if you are a regular reader and use my recipes – as pretentious as it is- I do really love a flower on my food. Failing that, a goji berry or two, maybe a coulpe of coconut flakes and a agave drizzle. Salad pride embellishes to perfection which is imperative in the visual world of instagram and blogging which drives customers to eateries increasingly over written paper artlicles and reviews.

That does not mean to say the presentation compromises or is used as a crutch for the actual taste of the food. Delicately combined flavours and textures in the salads particularly bring these vegetable based, nutritious dishes to life. If a salad doesn’t take you fancy or your partial to a sweet treat there are delicious cake, bakes and raw desserts to indulge in without feeling to guilty. I enjoyed a rich black bean brownie after my fresh and flavourful classic salad which was delectablely moist.

An array of hot drinks, juices and smoothies are perfect for a post yoga grab and go snack. All superfood packed with ingredients ranging from matcha and turmeric latte’s to classic antioxidant packed fresh juices.


Nancy x



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