Olaplex at Ena Salon

I first noticed ‘Ena Salons’ as I walked to a casting one morning;the beautiful interior of sustainable, natural materials caught my eye- such a different look to the usual sleek and minimalistic salons I have previously visited. Upon looking further into the company I was excited to see that Ena focus on using the best natural products and have an ethos of clean living and natural beauty which fits with my ethos perfectly.

Ena didn’t disappoint on performance either, there is attention to every detail to ensure the customer has the best experience possible. From the friendly staff to the ceiling art to study at as you’re getting your hair washed and then not to forget the fantastic coffee! It’s a truly relaxing and calming experience, an oasis in the centre of Holborn.

After working several hair jobs over the last few months and having many more lined up for the new year, my hair was feeling particularly weak and brittle. Whilst on a hair colour job for the lovely Ben Brown Salons in derby, I came across Olaplex. Although I had heard the word being thrown around amongst model friends and stylists I had just touted it as another overpriced hair conditioning treatment. Whilst getting my colour applied – Ben explained that my hair condition should be better after the colour because olaplex had been mixed in. Intrigued, I asked him to explain what all the hype was about and whether it is worth me doing. I booked an appointment at ‘Ena Salons’ for Olaplex that evening – needless to say I was sold!

A patented three-step treatment created by scientists to repair hair strands on a molecular level and prevent breakage, a constant struggle for over processed hair. The first two steps are performed in salon and the third at home. All of the steps contain active ingredients to multiply cross bonds and consequently strengthen the hair.

-Step one comprises of a thin liquid being coated on clean hair from root to tip to rebuild the molecular structure of the hair. This is the step that would be added to colour were you’re having your hair coloured at the time of treatment. This product is left on for 5 mins before being rinsed out.

-Step two rebuilds and restores the hair bond resulting in shiny, healthy looking hair. Comparable to a deep conditioning treatment but Olaplex actually reverses damage as well as imparting shine and moisture. This stage takes slightly longer, 20min as this involves saturating the hair and then a thorough shampoo and condition to finish.

-Step three is performed at home to continually protect hair from damage and retain condition in between in salon treatment.

Following the ‘in-salon’ part of the treatment my hair was blow dried by the lovely Iveta ready for my photo shoot. I was really pleased with the results, my hair looked immediately shiny and healthier, however the real benefits of the treatment didn’t present until a day or so later.

After washing my hair at home for the first  time after the treatment, I instantly noticed less shedding as I shampood my hair in the shower, it also detangled much easier when I combed the conditioner through with my fingers. Once I got out of the shower and started brushing out my towel dried hair I found an incredible reduction in breakage, my hair felt so much stronger. As I brushed it through, I couldn’t believe the difference in texture and strength. Once I allowed my hair to air dry I found that my naturally textured hair curled a lot more than usual and there was a significant reduction in frizz (a constant battle for curly-girls). Over the following week I was impressed with the ease of styling and how well my hair stood up to the elements- usually a spot a moisture in the air and I have a low-key Afro.

Definitely a worth-while treatment, something I will have every time a colour my hair in order to repair and restore and to ensure the results last and my hair remains as healthy as possible.


Nancy x


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