Green Keratin Rosaforte Cleansing Balm

Another up and coming London-based, natural, cruelty free skin care brand, providing impeccably formulated products with nourishing ingredients and no high-end price tag. Green Keratin focus on providing gentle, effective skin care, formulated without any irritating, clogging or drying ingredients.

My first product from them is their aptly named magnificent cleansing balm. A thick yellow, greasy balm with a light floral scent; I take a 5 pence piece sized amount and massage it onto clean dry skin for 1-2mins to encourage circulation -working the product into my skin. After this, I either remove the cleanser straight away, using a flannel and warm water using circular motions or leave on my skin as a nourishing treatment for 5-10 minutes before removing. The product leaves a slightly moist residue on the face but is still light.

This gentle cleanser is restorative, healing and balancing for my skin, calming down any irritation and thoroughly cleaning. Despite being a thick cream it has made my skin significantly less blemish prone and helped any pigmentation and scarring to fade whilst deeply nourishing and moisturising. After a couple of weeks of using this product, my skin felt softer, plumped up and dewy, my face was clearer and a lot less easily irritated.

A product I will continue to purchase, incredible formula with beautiful results for a reasonable price.

Nancy x


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