Modelling 101 :Top Tips To Ensure your shoot runs smoothly

Growing up it had never occurred to me that one day I might grow up to be a ‘model’-such a glamorous & luxurious job! I am very lucky to be part of this diverse & exciting industry. However I now understand that despite the glamorous misconceptions surrounding photo shoots and modelling, more often than not, shoot days can be long, hectic and exhausting. Making sure you are prepared, and as comfortable as possible, means that you are able to perform at your best and get the quality pictures both you and your client want. Most importantly it ensures you come across as professional to the rest of the team.


Top Tip Number 1: Do not be late

Seems like common sense, but arriving at a job flustered and stressed because you got on the wrong bus and are 20mins late is not only an unfortunate first impression, but also means that you’re stressed before the day has even begun! Setting your alarm that little bit earlier means that, even with travel issues, you will get to the shoot on time. If you are a little early it’s a great opportunity to chill out, have a coffee and properly introduce yourself to crew.


Top Tip Number 2: Bring Nude underwear

No matter what it is you’re shooting ALWAYS bring a nude thong and strapless bra. When the stylist pulls out a ridiculously sheer leotard and expects you to go commando underneath and all you have to bargain with are the granny pants you wore to set – it’s smart to be able to offer a happy medium!

Top Tip Number 3: Wear warm and comfortable

Loose comfortable clothing, a zipped hoodie and slip on trainers may not sound like the most fashion-forward choice of attire, however, from previous experience, I have found that practicality outweighs style on this occasion. Loose clothes mean that when it comes to getting changed you haven’t got any indentations from skinny jeans around your stomach or unsightly bra lines which will be a pain for the photographer to remedy in post-production. A zipped hoodie means that you have something easy to slip on and off between looks without ruining your hair or makeup.


Top Tip Number 4: Bring your own skincare and makeup remover

Getting to the end of the day, after having your face plastered in thick make-up sometimes countless times, it’s good to free your skin of this burden! Unfortunately, being offered a face wipe, which after the third wipe leaves your face rubbed raw, and in my case, bright red, whilst still leaving make-up on your skin isn’t a good look for the tube journey home! After a day of wear and tear it’s important to look after your skin as much as possible-it is, after all your livelihood! I always bring a little bag of my skincare basics so I can run to the bathroom and properly remove all my makeup and let my skin breathe again. Usually I have a little bottle of almond oil to break down the make-up and a flannel to wipe it off, a gentle rose water toner and a couple of cotton pads to remove any excess and then a couple more drops of the almond oil just to massage into the skin. There are some great skin care products about-check out my superfood scrumptious page for some ideas if you have time!


Top Tip Number 5: Pack your own food 

This is a lesson I learnt from my boyfriend, the king of the Tupperware container! Even if lunch is being provided, he always brings his lunch and snacks along, something that I never bothered to do! I would then would find that come lunchtime I’d face a pile of ham and cheese sandwiches, a few bags of crisps and a chocolate bar-I’d barely eat a thing, leaving me with low energy levels and a bit ‘hangry’ for the afternoon shoot. When your livelihood directly correlates to your appearance, making sure you’re eating a healthy and satisfying lunch not only means you’re looking after yourself but also shows that you are taking your work seriously and makes sure you have plenty of sustained energy for the rest of the day.

Nancy x


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