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The focus of this blog has always been about packing as much nutrition into your meals whilst not compromising on taste. I always try to cook my own meals wherever possible and aim to ensure I am getting all the good stuff I need through my food.

A few weeks ago now, I was approached by the supplement company Vitl with regards to trying their new range of daily supplements suitable for vegans. At first I was a little sceptical as I have not been a massive advocate of supplementing, especially on a daily basis; however after researching a little more into the company and product I decided to give it a try.

Rather than your standard jar of pills, Vitl comes sophisticatedly packed in a sleek box containing strips pertaining to each day of the week. Not only does this make it a lot easier to remember to take your supplements daily, it also makes travelling so much easier as you can just pack the amount of strips for the days you will be away.

Each strip comes with four supplements to cover all nutritional bases. A multi-vitamin to support general health, Omega 3 to promote a healthy heart and brain function, CoQ10 to increase energy and a ‘Super Greens’ capsule to ensure vitality.

I like to consider myself a very health conscious person who enjoys a well rounded ‘nutrition-packed’ diet, consequently I was not expecting a massive difference in how I would feel after a few days of supplementing. I was mistaken!!. One week into supplementing I had noticed that my skin looked considerably brighter and clearer and my energy levels were much improved-even waking up for early call times was that little bit more bearable.

The second week of taking Vitl I was working away from home and therefore away from all my usual home comforts. My routine went out of the window- grabbing food on the go and surviving on not a lot of sleep whilst spending the majority of the day outside in minimal clothing for the photo-shoot I was on. As I knew the amount of days I would be away for I was able to pack just enough Vitl strips for the duration. The supplements took the stress out of making sure I was getting enough of the good stuff through my meals and helped me stay on form for the duration of the job despite not looking after myself as I usually would have liked. Having the Vitl strips added a layer of assurance that, though I was not able to look after myself as usual, I was still getting all the nutrients I needed to be on top form during the job; I was also able to continue with the rest of the working week when I got back to London.

By week three, my Vitl supplements had just become part of my daily routine. It was reassuring to know that even though I always try and eat the healthiest I can and get enough nutrition through food- when life gets in the way, I know that my body can still get what it needs. I can still achieve the health conscious lifestyle that I know is best for my body & mind.

These supplements are definitely worth looking into; although they are slightly higher priced than some other supplements their effectiveness was outstanding . If you have a busy lifestyle and want to ensure that you are doing everything you can to promote your physical and mental wellbeing then Vitl can certainly be of assistance. I would highly recommend trialling this product for at least 14 days – you will not regret it!

Vitl and I have decided to team up to enable more people get the chance to try this new way of supplementing. There is a 50% discount when you use the Superfood Scrumptious discount code : VTAMSS. All you need to do is go to and enter the promo code before you checkout!

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