Skin Hydrating Tips ft Ren, Chi & Vitl Greens

Keeping hydrated in winter is always a tricky one; blustery wind, central heating and a but more booze than usual can leave your skin looking and feeling dehydrated and dull. Here are my top tips for keeping your complexion plumped, youthful and glowing throughout the winter months.

Ren Flash Hydro Boost


This innovative formulation is not your typical hyaluronic acid serum; with added hydrating humectifying ingredients, including xylitol to withhold surface moisture, germ peptides to transport the circulation of water deeper into the layers of your skin, and ceramide to prevent water loss, this is the ultimate hydration winter- skin saviour.

You apply it on a freshly cleansed and toned face, like you would your usual serum and then activate with a little water, massaging into the skin until completely absorbed. The super light formulation is perfect for both day and night time use, I even find I can layer on a second vitamin C serum over the top without any problem with make-up application afterwards. As usual after a serum, follow up with your usual moisturiser.

After one use I found my skin looked fuller, more plump and healthier by the end of the day. Often when my skin is dehydrated, the tone is noticeably uneven and transparent looking, but after a couple of days of twice a day usage, my skin tone had noticeably evened out and my skin had an overall healthier glow.

Chi Coconut Water


Drinking enough water is important all year around, and if you need to mix it up a bit, Chi Coconut Water is the way to go, to ensure you’re getting those ml in, and getting some added minerals at the same time! Fun fact -coconut water also hydrates quicker than the usual stuff. In my opinion, the best (and tastiest) coconut water to drink, second only to the fresh stuff straight from the coconut, is Chi’s 100% raw coconut water. This stuff is the best of the best, grade A unpasteurised deliciousness – and it’s pink!! (girly moment)!

The benefits to drinking coconut water raw are plentiful. The enzymes are still intact which aids digestion and metabolism, there are no artificial preservatives or flavourings, all the electrolytes, vitamins and minerals are present, and potent, so you’re truly getting the best out of every sip.

Vitl Greens

I make sure I take at least one of these superfood sachets every day and keep a couple handy in my bag. The best tasting green powder on the market, hands down! This little beauty can be added straight into water and shaken up to offer supercharged nutrition on the go.  A blend of 16 power packed superfoods this is the perfect way to ensure you’re getting in some extra nutrition whilst keeping hydrated.

Nancy x


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