Balsamic Roasted Veg, Walnut and Goji Salad

 Tasty warm winter salad jewelled with goji berries and chopped walnuts.


(Serves 4)

1 Courgette

1 Red Pepper

1 Red Onion

1 Aubergine

1 sweet potato

200g Brussel Sprouts

1/2 Cauliflower

1/2 cup Goji Berries

1/2 cup sliced walnuts

2 tablespoons Mr hemp oil

2 tablespoons maple syrup

2 tablespoons balsamic

2 teaspoons hot paprika

salt and pepper to taste


-Cut all of the vegetables into bite sized chunks before throwing into a large mixing bowl and adding the hemp oil, balsamic, maple syrup, paprika, salt and pepper.

-Toss the vegetables in the dressing ensuring everything is coated.

-Line two baking trays with grease proof paper and empty the vegetables onto the two trays before placing in a 190′ oven for 30 mins.

-Remove the trays from the oven and add the goji berries and walnuts. Using a spatula shuffle and turn the veg over before placing back in the oven for another 10mins.

-Remove the trays from the oven and empty into a serving bowl, enjoy as is, on top of some leafy greens, or as a side.

Nancy x


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