Candy Apples

 Rounding off the Halloween recipes for this year with a timeless tasty classic.


(makes one double chocolate apple, one caramel and nut apple and one dark chocolate and coconut)

200g dairy free dark chocolate
50g of vegan white chocolate
Half cup of sugar
4 table spoons of syrup
3 apples and candy sticks
Chopped Mixed nuts of your choice

Coconut flakes

Double Chocolate & Dark Chocolate Coconut:

-Break the dark chocolate into small pieces and place in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water stirring until melted. Do the same in a separate bowl for the white chocolate.

-Push the candy sticks into the apples and empty the coconut flakes into a bowl ready for dipping.

– Dip one apple into the dark chocolate ensuring it is full coated before dipping half way into the coconut  flakes.

-Dip the second apple into the dark chocolate  ensuring it is once again fully coated. Pick up some if the white chocolate using a spoon and splash the white chocolate over the dark whilst spinning the apple.

-Cover a plate with greaseproof paper and turn the apples upside down so the candy stick is facing upwards. Allow to set in the fridge.

Caramel and Nut:

-Skewer an apple onto the candy stick.

-Roughly chop your mixed nuts and place in a bowl.

-Pour the sugar and syrup into a saucepan and cook on a medium heat stirring continuously to ensure it doesn’t burn.

– Once the sugar has melted and turned a deep brown colour quickly dip the apple into the caramel ensuring its fully coated.

– Dip the apple straight into the bowl of chopped nuts.

– Place on the lined plate with the other two apples and leave in the fridge to set before enjoying.

Nancy x

Images and recipe by Joshua W Parkinson Photography


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