Amazake & Mango Parfait


(makes 2 Parfaits)

For Crust Layer

(this makes more crust than the recipe requires however using a larger amount of ingredients allows the mixture to blend better- you can freeze the leftovers and use them as a raw cake crust or crumble topping.)

60g Walnuts

100g Dates

100g Dessicated Coconut

30ml Coconut Milk

For Chia Layer

40g Chia Seeds

200ml KoKo Plain Coconut Milk

1 Large pureed Mango

Coconut Merchants Coconut Jam

Clear spring brown rice Amazake

Coconut Chips



Prepare all the ingredients:

-Allow the Chia seeds to soak in the milk for 30mins, stir frequently

-Puree’ the mango in the blender.

-Blend all the crust ingredients in a food processor till they form a crumb.

Assemble your parfait:

-In the base of your glass press the crust ingredients to about 1 cm thickness.

-On top the the crust layer the coconut jam.

-Next spoon over the Chia pudding.

-Spread a generous layer of the Amazake on top of the chia.

-Finally top the glass up with the puree’d mango and top with coconut chips.

Nancy x

 Images by Joshua W Parkinson Photography 


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