Nutrients and Supplements for Skin

When your body is healthy and thriving on the inside it shows in your exterior, here are some ways you can alter or add to your diet to promote skin’s health and condition. Ridding your body of toxins, encouraging collagen production, hydrating,moisturizing and identifying the main nutrients associated with helping skin problems such as acne and rosacea.



berries, greens, acai, cacao.

Pretty self-explanatory and widely reported, we all know how good it is for us to eat lots of foods rich in anti-oxidants but why and how does it affect our skin? One of the ways your body rids itself of toxins is through our pores, this means that we’re getting rid of the inevitable crap and toxins we encounter in everyday life through our skin. The anti-oxidants we consume work to get rid of the toxins in our blood so there is less our skin has to get rid of resulting in better skin and fewer imperfections.

Omega 3,6,9: 

flax, chia, nuts, seeds.

Commonly associated with oily fish, there are tonnes of plant based sources of Omega 3. As with most plant sourced nutrients, they are more easily assimilated by the body as well, so everyone wins. It has been shown that as well as being great for the heart, the brain and hydration of the skin there is also a link between omega 3 and inflammatory skin disorders. In a study they took a group of 45 adults with inflammatory skin disorders and gave half 1000mg omega supplements and the other half a placebo for a 10 week period. At the end of the period the group who were supplementing saw a 45% – 50% reduction in skin inflammation whereas the placebo group saw no change. So make sure you’re eating good whole-food healthy plant fats with omegas and perhaps consider supplementation if you have inflammatory skin issues such as acne and rosacea.


Sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, beans, lentils, quinoa.

Diets low in zinc have been shown to bring on acne so ensuring you are getting enough zinc is crucial to your skins health alongside other aspects of your well-being. There are some great nutritious, tasty plant sources of zinc listed above however if you think you might be struggling to get enough, or feel lack of zinc could be contributing to your acne you can supplement.

Vit D: 

Sunshine, mushrooms, fortified plant milks.

Vitamin D is not only great if you struggle with low mood, to strengthen bones and teeth and for your immune system but can also help your skin as well. Especially for those prone to oily/acne prone skin vitamin D reduces activity in the sebaceous glands which in turn means your skin is less oily.

MSM (sulphur): 

An organic form of sulphur already found in the body that keeps cells hydrated and is extremely anti-inflammatory and detoxifying. By boosting your MSM levels with supplementation you are helping keep your skin supple and calm any inflammation. MSM is also used increasingly in skincare products to improve hydration and treat imperfections.



A root vegetable found in peru, it is commonly sold in powder form in order for you to add to smoothies and shakes. Hormones play a massive role in the quality of our skin and maca has incredible hormone balancing properties so a good one to add into your diet.



B Vitamins: 

All of your B vitamins are crucial to skin health however these are the two most prevalent for their effect on our skin.


Peanuts, leafy greens.

Biotin is crucial for cell growth, producing fatty acids and breaking
down proteins, all of which directly contribute to the appearance and well-being of not just your skin but your hair and nails too.


Avocado, beans, pulses, legumes, whole-grains.

By eating a balanced plant-based diet you should be hitting your pantothen requirements however I thought it was worth a special mention as some acne sufferers have seen a marked improvements by taking pantothen supplements, the reasons for this are somewhat unclear, however if you are suffering from acne and are eating a good diet then pantothen is a natural alternative to typical acne medication and perhaps worth researching further into.



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