Maple and Fitz


Location: 36A Berners Street,London (nearest station Goodge Street)
Price*: £9-£13
(*based on a lunch or snack & drink for one person)
Summary: Delightful day time cafe’ in central London.
Service: Order at counter. Take-away option. Table Service.
Dietary Options: Vegan, Vegetarian, Omnivore,Gluten free, Dairy free, Raw.
Favorite Dish: Tofu & Bi Bim Bap

A few strides from Goodge Street station located in the exclusive area of Fitsrovia, Maple and Fitz is a petite quaint cafe that offers an escape from the bustle of central London to a natural, serene, relaxing and welcoming space to enjoy a light lunch, coffee with friends or get on with some work over a green juice or smoothie. The top floor of the cafe has a small window table to sit at, however most of the space is taken up with displaying the impressive selection of salads, sweets, juices, smoothies and take away snacks. Downstairs you will find a cosy, yet comfortable space with a few tables, natural decor making for a quaint little pace to enjoy a meal or snack.

The menu has a strong vegan and vegetarian base with the option off adding extra’s such as halloumi, avocado, tofu, eggs, fish and chicken. Catering for a range of dietary preferences and creating an interesting range of dishes and salads inspired from flavors around the globe that actually make you excited to eat your veggies. From Julius Caesar- a Mexican mix to my personal favorite the Bi bim bap- there is something for every taste preference and craving whether you are after a sweet spicy kick, a super clean and healthy broccoli salad, a wrap, some soup or a sweet treat.
We got to try a large range of the salad options available, Josh going for all the vegetarian options and myself tasting all the vegan delights. Every single mouthful of every dish we sampled was absolute perfection. Flavour, texture, freshness – it was a true pleasure to get the opportunity to try these brilliantly constructed and balanced dishes. My personal favorite salad dish was the bi bim bap, incredibly flavourful, great kick and an authentic taste. Maple and Fitz, in my option, also can claim ownership to the best tofu in London. Smoked firm tofu rubbed with five spice and cooked without oil on a griddle pan topped with almond butter and sesame seeds. I am now a true tofu convert after trying many bland tofu dishes and making some true tofu culinary blunders in my own kitchen, this was such an incredibly delicious punchy and healthy way to enjoy this largely misunderstood ingredient.
Along with the delightful savory options there was also a great selection of sweet treat including raw, gluten free options as well as a joyfully sinful brownie. A range of fresh cold pressed juices are available along with some delicious smoothies and hot drinks with a range of vegan and dairy milks to choose from.

An incredible experience in a little hidden gem easily overlooked on the way to the neighboring pret. Superior salads, fantastic flavors, great customer service a relaxing atmosphere all for a reasonable price in this central sophisticated location. We will definitely be returning on a regular basis,  and I have already pointed a few friends in Maple and Fitz’ direction for a grab and go or quick stop lunch between castings. We would highly recommend Maple and Fitz for a lunch or snack especially if you enjoy a really good flavorful and nutritious salad.

Nancy x


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