Location: 12-14 Heddon Street, Off Regent Street (Nearest station Piccadilly Circus).

Price*: £38-£45.

Restaurant Style: Buffet, self service, takeaway.

Cuisine: World foods.

Special Diet Options: Vegan, Gluten free, Nut free, Soy free, Lacto free, Soy free.

Must Try: Pineapple Upside Down Cake and “Meat”balls.

Atmosphere: Casual, relaxed.

(*based on two course meal for two people with non-alcoholic drinks)

Tibits has been on my restaurant hit list for a while having heard great things about there food, including a fellow model foodie claiming it to be the best place for veggie fare in London. So, I was delighted to be invited along for a spot of lunch earlier this week. I had been on a shoot all morning and didn’t get to the restaurant until 3pm so was pretty hungry and a bit tired after an early start. Located on a quaint and quiet road off Regents street you wouldn’t believe you were only a short walk from bustling Piccadilly Circus. The tranquil atmosphere continues into the restaurant which was a welcome contrast to the start of my day. It is a spacious establishment with two floors and plenty of room between tables so you don’t feel like you are squished in to maximize covers. Though there were a few other tables occupied and some music you were able to have a good natter without raising your voice and there was a very casual, relaxed vibe.

After being shown to a table, it was explained how the restaurant worked. You simply take a plate and help yourself to the vast buffet options and then go to the bar to weigh your food (the cost of your meal is calculated by the weight of your plate). There you can order your drink, of which there are as many options as the food; from wine, draft beer to fresh juices.

The buffet included an incredible selection of vegan and vegetarian options as well as hot and cold food. Each dish was clearly labeled whether it was vegan, gluten free, nut free ect. so it was easy to distinguish what you could and couldn’t have according to your dietary preferences. Every option had plenty of food so you didn’t feel like you were scraping the barrel and the hot dishes were actually hot which is often an issues with buffet restaurants. I am obviously a health food obsessive and strict vegan however my friend Josh, who I brought along, is a vegetarian and  partial to a bit of veggie junk food which worked out well as we got to experience the buffet from two different standpoints. There was a range of seasonal dishes among other options, some of my favorite foods included the special carrot salad, roasted root veggies but the standout for me was the Wakame Seaweed salad.

If you are stuck for inspiration in the kitchen this place will get your creative juices flowing without a doubt. Josh raved about the “meat”balls and which unfortunately were not vegan, but he also tried a range of the more unusual niche’ vegan options and enjoyed them equally as much. There are options ranging from deep fried onion rings to raw slaw as well as Asian inspired cuisine to your classic British grub so there is a range of foods to try out and get inspired by. Bread rolls are also available both usual and gluten free and there are a range of dressings and salad toppings to personalize your meal to your preference.


We both had a generous plate of food that came to between £8-£10 each, with two non-alcoholic drinks coming to around £6 – which we both agreed was great value especially when you take into consideration the central location and fresh flavorful quality of food.

Wakame Seaweed Salad

The food was really filling, flavorful and satisfying without being overly oily (which is a pet peeve of mine) however we both decided we could squeeze in some dessert especially after eyeing up the options on our way round the buffet the first time. Once again, all clearly labeled I was surprised to find the majority of the desserts were suitable for vegans with coconut being used in the mocha cream and bircher muisili in place of your usual dairy. A selection of fruits, cakes, bakes, creams, panacotta, crumbles and options of cream, nuts and dried berries for topping were available. I helped myself to a little bit of everything that was vegan and headed over to get the dessert weighed again at the counter which came to an extremely reasonable £3. It was all as tasty as expected after the first course, but the pineapple upside down cake was another level of deliciousness, the mocha cream was rather incredible as well.


Dried berries, nuts, coconut chips and more…

We finished off our meal with a coffee, which came with a choice of dairy, oat and soy milks with no extra cost. Then we browsed the selection of takeaway food just to see what they had for future reference- there is no way we could have eaten anymore! There were bakes and brownies as well as sandwiches all ready prepared. You can also have the buffet as a takeaway option along with the drinks, so even if you don’t have the time for a sit down meal, it is a great grab and go option which would cost you around the same sandwich, snack and coffee at Pret but the selection is much more vast.

Takeaway, grab and go cakes and sandwiches as the bar.

Without a doubt I would pop in for a takeaway or speedy lunch between casting and would return for another sit down meal as it was a really pleasant place to spend a couple of hours. I am keen to try out the breakfast buffet and dinner options and see how they compare to the Lunch. Highly recommend popping into Tibits and trying out some of there tasty dishes whether your going to hang around and relax for a while or need something on the go. I personally can’t wait to go back for some more pineapple upside
down cake!

Yummy Pineapple Upside-down cake.


Thanks Tibits!

Nancy x


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