Minestrone Soup

Italian classic minestrone soup is full of veggies, pasta, potato and beans in a rich and flavorful tomato sauce with fresh basil to garnish.




Celery Stalk

Teaspoon Garlic powder

Teaspoon Onion powder

Teaspoon Paprika

Teaspoon dried basil

Tablespoon tomato paste

500g passata

750ml water

Tablespoon veggie bouillon

200g Diced Potato

100g Brown rice pasta

1 can Kidney beans

1 diced courgette

1 diced red pepper

100g diced mushrooms

100g shredded kale

Couple of fresh basil leaves


-Saute’ your diced onion, carrot, celery powders, spices and dried basil in a large pan with 200ml of water until softened and then add the tomato paste.

-Add your passata, water and bouillon powder along with the diced potatoes, bring to the boil and then cover and allow to simmer for 15 mins.

-After 15 mins add the remaining ingredients including the diced veggies, pasta, beans and kale. Cover and allow to simmer for a further 15 mins

-Serve with a some basil leaves to garnish and lot’s of black pepper.

Nancy x


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