Acai Bowls

 Acai bowls are increasingly  popular at the moment and can be a really tasty, quick breakfast or snack.  Chocked full of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and topped with a range of goodies these are a delicious way to fuel your body and will leave you feeling satisfied and energized. Acai is a berry found in South Amercia that has been touted a “superfood” due to it’s incredibly high amount of anti-oxidants and it’s links to weight-loss and anti-ageing. In certain places you may be able to find Acai puree’ or juice however the most accessible form (and type I use) is Acai powder which is produced by dehydrating and grinding the fruit.


(Serves 1 )

3 bananas

300g frozen raspberries

1 cup almond milk

1 tablespoon acai powder

1 tablespoon lucuma (optional)

1/2  teaspoon vanilla powder

Pop the ingredients in the blender and whiz them up until smooth and the consistency is somewhere between ice-cream and a thick milk-shake. Pour into a bowl and top with whatever you desire or have handy, from fruit to granola to nut butters or seeds. My current favorites are blue berries, buckwheat, flaked almond, walnut and goji berries.

Nancy x


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