Mince Pies

The Christmas classic with a whole-foods, vegan makeover. The mince meat is really easy to make yourself and will make your entire house smell like Christmas. It can be stored in the fridge and used in other Christmasy recipes or for a second batch of mince pies. There are a lot of ready roll pastries available at the supermarket and surprisingly many of them are actually vegan (just make sure you read the ingredients) however this home made pastry is a healthier and, in my opinion, tastier alternative. Plus it’s completely oil free!

Ingredients for Mince Meat:

500g mixed dried fruit

2 apples cut into cm cubes

grated rind and juice of 2 oranges

200g fresh cranberries

250ml orange juice

250ml cranberry juice

1 cinnamon stick

teaspoon nutmeg

-Empty all the ingredients into a large saucepan. Cover and leave to simmer on a low-medium heat for 1h 30mins. You will need to give the mixture a stir every 20mins or so whilst it cooks.

-Allow the mince meat to cool slightly then remove the cinnamon stick and  transfer into a jar to store in the fridge.

Ingredients for the Pastry:

(makes 6)

200g gluten free plain flour (I use doves farm)

60g ground almonds

1/2 teaspoon salt

60 ml (1/4 cup) maple syrup + extra for glaze

80ml (1/3 cup) almond milk + extra for glaze


 -Empty all the pastry ingredients apart from the almond milk into your food processor and switch on to the lowest setting.

-slowly add the almond milk  until a ball of dough forms this should take around 80 ml.

– Roll the dough out on a lightly floured surface to around 2mm thickness and cut out six circles  using your larger cookie cutter.

-Pour a little almond milk into a bowl and with a pastry brush, brush the almond milk over 6 of the rounds in the cupcake baking tray.

-Push the cut out pastry circles into the 6 rounds in the baking tray and fill with around a  teaspoon of mince meat.

-Gather the left  over pastry and form into a ball before rolling out on a freshly floured surface to a 1mm thickness and cutting out six circles using the smaller cookie cutter.

-Lay the six smaller circles of pastry over the top of the pies. Using a  fork press around the perimeter of the pies to join the base and lid. With a sharp knife make two small slits in the top of the mince pie

-mix together 1 tablespoon of maple syrup and 2 tablespoon of almond milk and using your pastry brush, brush over the top of the mince pies.

-bake in a 180′ oven for 20  mins – the tops should have goldened slightly.

– Allow to cool on a wire rack, then enjoy warm or cold.

Nancy x


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