No poo method (co-washing)

I clearly had nothing to do with my hair
this day.

I am the laziest person when it comes to hair. I don’t like washing it, styling it, drying it…for me anything to do with hair needs to be quick convenient and effective. I will spend hours layering different oils, lotions and potions onto my face but ask me to wash, brush and style my hair and you will 99% of the the get a damp bun. Naturally my hair is fine but there is lots of it, it is pretty dry and curly, wavy, frizzy. This is an issue for me as people generally do not appreciate models turning up with greasy, dirty, frizzy, broken hair on set. Also, I like to exercise most days so really I need to be washing it everyday which can be quite stripping. 

One product to shampoo, condition, de-tangle and treat and nope it doesn’t leave your hair feeling like it used to after you used that herbal essences 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. If you have a particularly oily scalp and love a bit of lather and squeaky cleanness then this might take a little getting used to as you will not get any lather, but if you can adjust to it the results are worth it. You apply your cleansing conditioner by wetting your hair under the shower and squeezing out excess moisture. Then you take a dollop of product and massage it into your roots working it all the way down to the lengths of your hair. Your then going to want to clip your hair on top of your head and allow the conditioner to work its magic whilst you get on with the rest of your shower. When you come to rinse the product out your hair you will discover that your hair is extremely smooth and de-tangled without any need for wet combing. Ensure you have completely washed the conditioner out of your hair then you are good to go. I like to give my hair a quick towel dry and then a brush through with my tangle teaser, if I am feeling particularly fancy I may apply a little leave in product or serum but most of the time a quick brush through and I am done.

The best thing about cleansing conditioners I have found is they are gentle enough to use daily and nourishing enough so that you can allow your hair to air dry without turning into a complete frizz ball which mine usually is if I don’t heat style it. Every now and then if I have had a lot of product in my hair I will do a deep clean with an SLS free shampoo and conditioner however for day to day use this has been great for cleaning and adding moisture to my hair without stripping it.

These are my two most reached for co-washes, both are a really great price and smell amazing!

£8 for 454 ml.
£6 for 473ml
Feel Unique

Nancy x





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